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Accounting System Implementation

We help clients implement accounting software for their new business or help them start using software for their growing business. We also have experience getting you back on track when the implementation you tried did not succeed as planned. We are certified ProAdvisors for all versions of QUICKBOOKS including QUICKBOOKS ONLINE.

The process of implementing a new system generally involves the following steps:

  • Review current systems and manual processes. The step also involves determining areas of potential improvement. We don’t just repeat what you are currently doing in a new system.
  • Setting up the new system. This includes determining the chart of accounts, divisions, sales items, payroll items etc.
  • Entering opening balances into the new system including outstanding AR and AP and Year to Date payroll amounts.
  • Training your staff on the use of the new system.
  • Ensuring all initial reconciliations and HST/payroll filings are accurate.
  • Setting up and ensuring all reporting meets the clients requirements.