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Financial Statements

Whether we do the bookkeeping, you have a bookkeeper or you do it yourself, we complete professional financial statements according to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).They show you how your business performed over the year. These statements are then used to support the tax returns or banks, if required. Interim statements can also be prepared as needed to help you manage your business. For some clients we can work with an auditor to complete either Review or Audited statements as needed.

For many clients we receive their documents and complete the bookkeeping. Depending on the number of transactions we might do the bookkeeping once per year, quarterly, monthly or even every week. For other clients who do their own bookkeeping we will use your bookkeeping file (QuickBooks, Sage or other software) and review what you have completed. We will make any needed corrections and send those back to the client.

We also ensure that all eligible expenses are claimed. This includes home office costs, motor vehicle costs and costs incurred but not paid directly by the business.

At the end of the process we also implement any tax minimization strategies that are available.

When finished clients will have professional and accurate statements.