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Joe Sforza

Case Study #2

BUSINESS NAME: Active Green & Ross
INDUSTRY: Automotive Repair

Client's Situation/Problem:

The client owns a busy automotive repair shop and needs to focus on running the business and not the bookkeeping and accounting.




As with many of our clients we provide a complete service so the owners can focus on their business.



How The situation was improved:

We provide a complete bookkeeping and accounting solution. We perform weekly bookkeeping including payroll, bill processing, monthly reconciliations and all government reporting including HST, payroll, WSIB and EHT. We also prepare Notice to Reader financial statements and all corporate tax returns. In addition to the corporate work we prepare all personal tax returns for the owner and his family.



How the solution “Created Value for the Business”:

By outsourcing the business owner can spend more time growingthe successful business. Joe enjoyed peace of mind knowing all bookkeeping is completing on time and accurately.

By outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting, you can focus on making more profits.
Let’s talk and “Create Value for YOUR Business”.