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Williams Accounting Professional Corporation provides a wide range of services to many corporate, business, personal, charity clients. For some clients, we provide full bookkeeping & payroll services. For others, we review the work completed by the client and prepare various government CRA Tax returns and financial statements. While for other clients, only their personal & corporate tax returns are prepared once a year.

Many of our clients have both their corporate and personal returns completed by the company, so all taxes can be minimized. In any case, we customize our services to match your needs and “Create Value for Your Business”.


Whether we do the bookkeeping, you have a bookkeeper or you do it yourself, we do a complete professional financial statements according to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).They show you how your business performed over the year.These financial statements are then used to support the tax returns or banks, if required. Interim financial statements can also be prepared as needed to help you manage your business. For some clients we can work with an auditor to complete either Review or Audited financial statements as needed. Read more on financial statements page.


Corporate Tax Accountant & Personal Tax Accounting Services at Williams Accounting. We provide complete accurate tax returns and accounting services for all our corporate, personal and estate (trust) clients. Our objective is to minimize your tax obligations by claiming all allowable deductions and credits. For estate clients (final returns and trust/estate returns) we determine the optimal elections to file to reduce the total tax obligations related to the death of a taxpayer. Read more on Corporate, Personal & Estate Tax Accounting page


The best way to minimize tax is proper planning. We develop tax minimization strategies to arrange your corporate & personal affairs in a way that lets you keep as much of your income as possible. For corporate clients tax minimization includes optimizing salaries and dividends up to including estate freezes and other advanced methods to reduce taxes. For personal clients, we develop tax minimizing strategies to income split with lower income family members. We also develop plans to minimize your personal tax through accurate financial planning. Read more on Tax Minimization Strategies page.


For some of our clients we perform full bookkeeping & payroll services. This can include picking up mail, making deposits, invoicing clients, paying bills, paying employees, reconciling bank accounts and filing all government returns (HST, Payroll, EHT, WSIB etc.). For other clients, we may only file some government returns. The level of service is up to the client’s needs. Our bookkeepers can work in your office or ours, whichever you prefer. We support both QUICKBOOKS and SAGE as well as various point of sale systems. Read more on Bookkeeping & Payroll Services page


For our non-profit and charity clients, we complete bookkeeping as required and prepare monthly reports for the Board of Directors. This lets their Treasurer focus on the strategic direction of the organization. Often budgets are prepared and in some cases we attend meetings to report to the Directors. Government filings are all completed including issuing charity receipts if applicable. Read more on non-profit & charity Services page.


We help clients with accounting system implementation for their new business or help them start using software for their growing business. We also have experience getting you back on track when the accounting system implementation you tried and did not succeed as planned. We are certified ProAdvisors for all versions of QUICKBOOKS including QUICKBOOKS ONLINE. Read more on Accounting System Implementation page